The Challenge

To create a multimedia space that produces more energy from renewable sources than it imports from external sources.

The Concept

360 Tesla Dome is equipped with innovative spherical solar generators, which provide the power required to operate the digital projection system.
Given the current energy crisis and growing concerns for the ecological situation we need to embrace new uses of alternative energy sources that are good for our planet. Among renewable energy resources we’ve chosen solar energy as the most sustainable option to adopt in the dome.
Oleg, Architect

Eco-friendly technology

  • The Sun is the greatest sustainable energy source available on Earth. The 360 Tesla dome can be equipped with powerful solar panels which support the whole construction of the dome, supplying the whole system.

Mind-blowing design

  • Part of the outer surface of the 360 Tesla Dome can be transformed into a unique, customized space by replacing a number of solar panels with LED screens.
  • As one of the design options, the 360 Tesla Dome can be supplied with colorful LED lightning. It adds impressive visual effect to the dome shape, yet remains easy-to-use and cost-effective.

The future with ultimate capabilities

  • The 360 Tesla Dome is the most advanced implementation of innovative scientific ideas and a perfect place for modern conferences, seminars, presentations, workshops and talks.


To fulfill multiple functions we can scale the 360 Tesla Dome from a spacious 10 meter (33 foot) diameter up to a massive 22 meter (72 foot) diameter dome.

  • Diameter 20m (69ft)
  • Height 12.5 m (41ft)
  • Capacity 410 people

Concept pics

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