The Challenge

To respond to the needs of the growing e-sports market and create a venue to host and stream professional gaming events and competitions.

The Concept

The e-sports stadium allows the audience to have an epic live experience watching their video game heroes battling it out, and fuses lifestyle brands, art, music and technology.
Since seven-figure salaries for professional video gamers and sold-out stadiums are common not only in South Korea but almost everywhere, there is no doubt gaming is a serious business. While working out this concept we are thinking about how to make people enjoy every moment of a game shared with people they don’t even know – much like going to a football match.
Arthur, Designer

Live streaming 360

  • Real time broadcasting on the dome
  • Up to 4K capture in real time
  • Use of any open source software

Space to spend time in

  • Modular facility: add a café, chill or VIP zones, a shop or a dance floor.

Vast opportunities for branding and sponsorship

  • Logos and branding in the content and on the outside of the dome for powerful brand recognition.


More than 400 people can enjoy live action in a 20M dome.

  • Diameter 20m (69ft)
  • Height 12.5 m (41ft)
  • Capacity 410 people

Concept pics

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