What is a negative pressure screen?

Negative pressure is what enables Fulldome.pro to make portable, lightweight, but perfectly formed dome screens. 

Our screens are made from opaque and airtight fabric. Each screen is fixed inside the base of a geodesic frame and hung at various points around the apex. An opaque and airtight cover is stretched over the frame and fixed around the outside of the base. 

One or more near silent fans are attached to portals in the outer cover and the air is vacuumed out from between screen and cover. When air is pumped into a vessel, like a balloon or a car tire, it is under pressure. We don’t usually say so, but this is positive pressure. Sucking the air out, to create a vacuum is negative pressure. 

The negative pressure is maintained by the fan (or fans), causing the cover to conform to the frame and the screen to be drawn outwards towards the frame. The seams of the screen are sewn precisely by our highly skilled craftspeople, so that the screen is slightly smaller than the frame and cover. 

The result is a flawless dome projection screen waiting to show the perfect images from the revolutionary Fulldome.pro projection system. …but that is another story.

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